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What are LEVELS Dog Group Obedience Classes?

Update 5/20/2020 Classes will be held outdoors on Monday nights at 6:00 pm for all LEVELS.  Reservations Required

Traditionally, Basic Dog Training group classes are taught for several weeks in a row, the same night and time each week, and cover a lot of behaviors during that time. If you and your dog learn things more quickly, then you may find yourselves bored, eager to move at a faster pace. But maybe it takes a little more time for you and your dog to get each behavior just right. In that case, you might become frustrated, feeling like you're being left behind. Whatever the case may be, the solution is a class with a different format: LEVELS Dog Training Classes. 

In a Levels Training format, you and your pup get to move at the speed that's best for both of you. Each level has a list of behaviors to learn and master before you can move on to the next set of behaviors, building on what has come before. As you build a firm foundation of skills, more complex behaviors are easier to learn and are more reliable because they can fall back on what's been previously mastered.

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The Behaviors

Our certified dog trainer will coach you through training each behavior, and when you're ready to move on, they will let you know that you've "leveled up." When you've "leveled up," you can come to a class of any level, up to the level you've earned, which can accommodate a busy schedule or test learned behaviors with a different kind of distraction. For instance, if you and your dog are working on Level 3 behaviors, you can attend a Level 1, 2, or 3 class.

The behaviors taught in the Levels Training Classes are designed to help your dog become an AKC Canine Good Citizen should you choose. Each level adds new behaviors or increases the difficulty of previously learned skills to help build a firm foundation for your dog.

  • Level 1
    Name Game
    Recall: 5 ft with a Front Sit
    Loose Leash: no leash with high reinforcement
  • Level 2
    Recall: 10 ft with a Front Sit
    Loose Leash: on leash with high reinforcement
  • Level 3
    Leave It
    Recall: 20 ft with Front Sit
    Loose Leash: on leash with low reinforcement
    Heel position
    Go to Mat
  • Level 4
    Recall: 10 ft with Front Sit and distractions
    Sit/Stay with distractions
    Down/Stay with distractions
    Loose Leash with distractions
    Heel position
    Down on Mat
  • Level 5
    Long Stays with distractions
    Heel position while walking
    Down/Stay on Mat
    Recall: 20 ft with Front Sit and distractions

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My dog Jed has been going to the Crate Escape since he was very young, and now he's six. He absolutely loves it there! He can barely contain his excitement when we pull up in the car! The staff are all very friendly and great with the dogs. I love the fact that there are cameras and I can watch him from afar on the ODoggy app on my phone. I always see the staff interacting with the dogs and know that they are being very observant! The fact that Jed is thrilled to go there tells me a lot! I know that he is being well cared for and I really feel confident that he is in good hands!

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