The Crate Escape

Sterling V.

Receptionist and Level 2 Kennel Attendant

With The Crate Escape since: February 2020

What is one of your weird quirks?
I talk to animals like they are people.

What is your favorite movie quote?
Anything from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

If you were a breed of dog, what breed would you be and why?
A Golden Retriever because everyone says so :)

Bark All About It

The Crate Escape is on my list of the best things that have ever happened to me. My very loved, very energetic boy, Maxwell, started there for doggie daycare as soon as he was old enough to be properly vaccinated. I was working full-time so having somewhere safe and fun for him to be was very important to me. Nine years later I am retired and he is slowing down but he still goes to daycare at least once a week, is boarded frequently, and is groomed there regularly. He is always thrilled to go. He comes home happy and tired – the recipe for a well-behaved dog. I always trust that Chris and her staff will take wonderful care of him. I admire that they continue to improve the facility, which is always immaculate, and to learn new skills.

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